John & Rosemary Fotheringham

Special guest

Rosemary and John, cofounders of Flourish Fundamentals are both Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. They are helping the FIRE community optimize their health as much as they optimize their finances.

We got out of debt this year and used various strategies, but the ones that always seem to interest people in particular are full-time house sitting, which allowed us to save nearly $10K on rent and put that towards debt, and also still giving generously with 10% of paychecks going towards a Bless Others Fund that we give to people or causes we believe in, even throughout debt payoff (and I think the abundance mindset that giving fosters helped us to actually cross the finish line of getting out of debt!) We also cut our grocery bill in half and then in half again, while still eating organic and grass fed meats and everything. We are both Nutritional Therapy Practitioners so we love talking about health optimization in addition to financial optimization.

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