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#103 Setting Goals Correctly for the New Year

November 21st, 2022

Do you set "goals" in January as New Year Resolutions and then never achieve them? Or better yet, you write them down and put them in a drawer never to be looked at again?

Well, let's fix that!

In today's episode I will be discussing with Monica about the right way to set goals and when you should be doing it. Hint: it's now, not January.

Meet Monica!
Monica, “Monie”, is a personal finance author and blogger committed to educating solo parents to go from financial couch potato to superstar. She shares her story of divorce, raising kids and $257,000 of debt to 10 years later reaching financial independence.

“So SMART goals is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time, time constrained or time bound. And that, that was huge. But I think the step before that for me was understanding what was important. What were my priorities? Where did I really wanna focus? What did I value? And once I had a kind of a general idea of that, the smart goals really helped to kind of evolve that and massage that into concrete steps that I could take.”
- Monica Scudieri

00:00 - Introduction for today's episode
04:25 - Meet Monica
06:24 - Monica's goal setting process
09:40 - Setting micro goals everyday
11:49 - How often should you review your goals
12:49 - Creating habits and routines to build consistency
13:47 - How often should you evaluate and redo your goals
20:33 - What are SMART goals
23:41 - Last words of wisdom
25:14 - Rewarding yourself for each goal achieved

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