Resources for Going to College as an Adult

Episode 111 · December 29th, 2022 · 53 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Thinking of going back to school?

Whether you're going back to school to pursue a bachelor's degree or looking to expand your career opportunities by furthering your education, it's never too late to study again.

Listen in as Katelyn, a career coach, guides others through the process so you understand your options and can make an informed decision. She also has some helpful tips and tricks for doing it for little to no cost to you!

Meet Katelyn
Katelyn is a non-traditional college student and college instructor that stopped and started her education at over ten schools over the last fifteen years. She amassed $60,000 in debt pursuing her undergrad, then found a better way, completed two master’s degrees where she profited $1800 through education benefits and scholarships, and now pursuing a doctorate which will cost her $0. All of this was completed on an accelerated timeline, while working a full-time job and 2 part time jobs, paying off over $100,000 in debt, and raising her three kids.

In her full-time job, Katelyn acts as a pseudo-career coach helping people in her organization to get qualified for their next role, finding low cost or no cost education programs, prepping resumes, and she teaches the job application process at a local university as a part of a career service orientation. Her mission and passion are helping people get qualified for their dream job without taking on mountains of debt.

“When you're looking to go back to school, whether you're traditional or non-traditional, you have to be an informed consumer and you have to be your own advocate. No one else is looking out for you, no one else has your specific goals and desires or passions. So make sure that you're researching, that you're finding things that are right for you. And also making sure that there's alignment between your career aspirations and the programs that you're going for.”
- Katelyn Shannon

00:55 - Introduction to today's episode
03:01 - Meet Katelyn
14:18 - Be an informed consumer
15:42 - Do your research to find the right program that fits your career goals
19:17 - Check your employee benefits
20:20 - Scholarship and grant applications
23:23 - Credit Transfer
26:59 - Regional and national accreditation
33:43 - Regarding Katelyn's work in human resources
38:46 - How to stand out when applying for a Job
43:06 - Who should I speak with about employee benefits
44:54 - Takeaways from this episode
50:44 - Last words of wisdom
52:24 - The Kickstart 2023 Bundle

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