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#161 How to Start a Successful Side Hustle From Scratch

June 28th, 2023

In this exciting third episode of the Side Hustle Series, Jan Ditchfield, shares valuable insights on how to start a successful side hustle from scratch.

Learn the five secrets to turn your passion into a profitable business, discover the mindset shift you need to overcome doubts and build confidence, find out how to stand out in a competitive market and achieve profitability from day one.

Explore how these strategies can transform your business and help you achieve the success you desire and how Jan's expertise will guide you on a path to financial success and fulfillment. Tune in now!

Meet Jan!
Jan Ditchfield is on a mission to help real-world business owners and subject matter experts make more money online without losing their money or their minds in the process.
She's the straight-talking host of the No BS Business School podcast and decided to follow her dream of being her own boss after a 20-year career as an award-winning fundraising pro. Even with a toddler hanging around under her desk, she managed to build a 6-figure business during the pandemic lockdowns.
Nowadays, Jan shares her knowledge with other experts to help them scale the online side of their business in a way that's tailored to their unique needs, instead of just following generic trends or advice using the power of relationship marketing.

“Women who are running successful small businesses didn't get there because they had a great idea. They got there because they had a great plan and we really, as women are market to differently. We are told follow your passion and the money will come, you know, lean into what you care about. It's, you know, if you love it, other people will love it. And the truth is that won't happen. It's not a build it and they will come type of world when it comes to business. What it is is build a really good plan and get in front of them and they will buy from you.”
- Jan Ditchfield

02:50 - Meet Jan
08:23 - What today's episode is about
11:26 - Introduction and background on Jan Ditchfield
16:20 - Overview of today's topic
17:19 - Secret #1: Knowing who your ideal customer is
23:10 - Secret #2: The riches are in the niches
27:41 - Secret #3: Leveraging your email list for driving sales
31:02 - Secret #4: Focusing on where you want to go, not where you are
37:17 - Secret #5: Your brand is more than your logo
42:48 - Overview of the Side Hustle Academy and its benefits
50:36 - Success story and real-life example of applying the Side Hustle Academy strategies
56:55 - Q&A session
01:09:05 - Conclusion and key takeaways from the episode

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur or one in the making who is ready to make a change in your life by pursuing your dreams of becoming your own boss while being supported and encouraged every step of the way, then I've got just the thing for you!

Side Hustle Academy will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to achieve your dream of running a successful side hustle while being supported every step of the way. Go to and enroll today!

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