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#180 Budget Must Dos When Redecorating or Remodeling

October 9th, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to transform your home without breaking the bank?

Join us in this enlightening podcast episode as we have a conversation with Gabriella, a home design and building expert. We'll dive into the typical budget pitfalls that can swiftly turn your renovation dreams into a financial nightmare. Gabriella will share invaluable tips on how to prioritize your renovation projects and avoid these common budget traps.

Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical advice that will assist you in turning your living space into a masterpiece, all while ensuring your wallet stays happy. Get ready to embark on your home renovation journey with confidence!

Meet Gabriella!

Gabriella, is an accredited interior designer and professional project manager that’s been in the design and construction industry for over 12 years designing and managing multi-million dollar residential projects, commercial spaces and hospitals. Gabriella teaches women how to create their dream home, the right way from the start, by combining the key design drivers and desires with the needed management tactics to build the home they’ve always dreamed about, without losing time, money, and their sanity in the process.

“In terms of really being able to plan accordingly and not end up in those moments where you're like, I've run outta money. The biggest tips that I can give you is to plan accordingly from a contingency fund and also create a reserve fund.”
- Gabriella Milgrom

00:00 - Introduction: Meet Gabriella
03:57 - Redecorating and remodeling mistakes to avoid
08:24 - The importance of upfront planning
11:59 - Prioritizing renovation tasks and creating a budget hierarchy
15:50 - Dealing with unexpected expenses and preparing a contingency fund
25:11 - Understanding lead times and creating a project timeline
32:13 - Resources for those new to design and project planning
38:32 - Wrapping up the episode and final thoughts

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