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#187 How Perimenopause Can Keep You Stuck in Your Debt

November 9th, 2023

Discover the hidden connection between your hormonal health and financial well-being in this enlightening episode of the Money Mindset Podcast.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of perimenopause with our expert guest, Vandghie, a qualified dietician specializing in women's hormonal health. Uncover the surprising impact of perimenopause on your finances and explore practical steps to regain control.

From brain fog to low energy, we'll discuss how these symptoms can disrupt your financial journey and share actionable strategies to navigate this critical phase in life.

Meet Vandghie!
Vandghie qualified as a Dietitian in 2008 and started specialising in women’s hormonal health after battling imbalanced hormones through perimenopause. For 5 years, multiple doctors and specialist visits and lots of frustration, she reverted back to the research to find the answers for herself. This research radically changed her health in a very short space of time and she’s gone on to support women through perimenopause with her podcast, The Perimenopause Podcast and digital coaching programs.

She’s passionate about helping women to make their 30s and 40s their best decades yet by learning how to Thrive Through Perimenopause, without prescription drugs and restrictive diets.

“Let this be the day where you realize what I've been going through is not normal. The fact that it's common or it's common in my family doesn't mean it has to be my normal and these things that I can do about it to change this. I think that's the big thing. And then trying to pay attention to your body and then finding someone that specializes in women's health, functional health, in other words, not treating with medicine but helping you to support your body for healing itself. Find someone that can do this with you, give you the education that you need and support you through that process.”
- Vandghie

00:00 - Introduction to perimenopause and its impact on finances
03:04 - Meet Vandghie
04:46 - The importance of understanding perimenopause
06:38 - Recognizing the signs and symptoms of perimenopause
10:31 - Understanding hormonal changes
12:41 - The connection between hormonal health, financial habits, and motivation
17:21 - Practical tips for addressing hormonal imbalances
21:01 - Seeking support and understanding the limitations of traditional medical care
23:32 - Final words of wisdom
24:28 - Vandghie’s book recommendations
25:45 - Upcoming free masterclass: Best Kept Secrets To Regaining Control Of Your Hormones & Body Through Perimenopause

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  • Ignite Your Life by Barry Meguiar

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