The Money Mindset Podcast

#196 Finding Fulfillment in Midlife

December 19th, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the various seasons of midlife and how they impact your fulfillment across different areas of life?

Join us with our special guest, Bernie, from the Midlife Fulfilled podcast, as he shares insights into living a fulfilled life across the five pillars of health, fitness, career, relationships, and legacy. Let's explore why midlife is not just a midpoint but a series of seasons, each offering opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Discover actionable steps to assess and enhance your own fulfillment in this engaging episode.

Meet Bernie!
I've been in marketing for more than 20 years. After running my own agency for 15 years, I pivoted to find fulfillment in my career.

I've been podcasting for 10 years. I started the Midlife Fulfilled podcast in February 2022 to help men and women over 40 thrive across the five pillars of life: Health | Fitness | Career | Relationships | Legacy.

I publish a weekly interview on Monday and my solo takeaway episode on Thursday.

If you're 80% fulfilled, you're doing great! I can prove that to you.

“So as I mentioned, happiness is an emotion. And so happiness can, can be a rollercoaster ride. And where it's fulfillment, as I mentioned, is immutable. So the sense of satisfaction and the mental health that we achieve that's associated with fulfillment is even stronger than happiness because again, happiness is a roller coaster ride. It can be a roller coaster ride. Hopefully there's more ups and than downs on, on happiness, but we should all strive to achieve fulfillment.”
- Bernie Borges

00:00 - Introduction
01:19 - Meet Bernie!
02:45 - Defining midlife fulfillment
05:09 - The three phases in life
06:47 - Understanding fulfillment vs. happiness
10:14 - The Five Pillars of Midlife: Health, Fitness, Career, Relationships, and Legacy
14:18 - How to start your journey to fulfillment
19:34 - Resources for finding fulfillment in midlife
22:06 - Addressing the "too old" mindset
25:40 - Bernie's book recommendations
27:28 - Wrapping up and connect with Bernie

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Resources and Links Mentioned:

Book Recommendations:

  • The Referable Speaker by Andrew Davis and Michael Port
  • Can-do-ology by Denise Gabel

Connect with Ashley:

Connect with Bernie: