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#199 How to Kickstart 2024 and make it the Best Year Yet!

December 28th, 2023

Ready to make 2024 your best year yet? Join us as we dive into the key strategies to set yourself up for success. Discover the power of a realistic and actionable plan, customized just for you.

In this episode, we'll guide you through the steps to kickstart your financial goals and make 2024 a year of positive progress.

Plus, don't miss out on the limited-time Kickstart 2024 bundle to supercharge your financial plans.

Hosting Today:

Hey, I’m Ashley Patrick, a personal finance expert and founder of Budgets Made Easy. I help busy moms create systems to save money and pay off debt so they can reach their big dreams faster and easier.

I was able to pay off $45,000 in just 17 months including $25,000 in student loans in just 10 months. I’m a Master Financial Coach and have a bachelor's degree in psychology and will help you get to the root of your money problems.

Since my journey started I have been featured on Fox Business, Yahoo! Finance, Food Network, USA TODAY, MSN, CNBC, NerdWallet, and many others.

“I would suggest that you take a look at what you actually accomplished in 2023. Even if it feels small, I want you to celebrate your progress because a lot of times we just focus on the negative and we feel like if we didn't pay off thousands of dollars in debt, then it was just a fail. It was just a year we didn't get anything done. But in reality, you may have accomplished quite a bit that you're not giving yourself credit for. And so I want you to actually sit down and give yourself credit for it. It's important to do that. It will help build your confidence and it'll help set you up for success in the new year as well.”
- Ashley Patrick

00:00 - Introduction and exclusive Kickstart 2024 Bundle announcement
02:33 - Making a date with yourself for 2024 planning
03:47 - Planning ahead
06:07 - Setting one main goal
08:18 - The importance of celebrating your progress
09:27 - Reflection on 2023: What went well and what didn't
10:34 - Choosing a focus word for the year
11:22 - Breaking down big goals into smaller action steps
15:09 - Summarizing the key steps to kickstart 2024
16:26 - Teaser for the 200th episode celebration

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