Learn to Invest!

Episode 56 · March 28th, 2022 · 14 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Investing doesn't need to be scary and overwhelming but you should know what you are doing!

Jeremy from Personal Finance Club and I will be hosting a free live training for you on Wednesday March 30th at 8pm ET go to https://www.personalfinanceclub.com/budgetsmadeeasy/ to sign up!

In this training You will learn….
🌟Why saving is not enough
🌟Which stocks to buy
🌟The easy & effective way to invest
🌟What buttons to click to get started

Plus if you are listening to this after the live training, he’s even giving my listeners $20 off his course but only until Sunday April 3rd at midnight with code BUDGETSMADEEASY go to budgetsmadeeasy.com/invest and enter the code budgetsmadeeasy

This is the most affordable investing course you can find. I know people that have investing courses that are THOUSANDS of dollars! His is $79 normal price and $59 with my code budgetsmadeeasy

Plus he gives 20% of the revenue, not profit to charity. I even get to pick which one after the sale!
Be sure to go follow him on Instagram @personalfincanceclub to learn more about simple investing.