Pay Yourself Better (Even With Irregular Income) As a Business Owner

Episode 66 · June 6th, 2022 · 45 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

Does it feel like your money is owning you?

Can you relate to constantly paying out all the money you’ve earned with not much left to pay yourself?

Tired of the self sabotage when it comes to your money mindset in your business?

Listen in as Belinda talks to us about the importance of mindset when it comes to money in your business and really stepping into that CEO role. She explains why you need to be confident in our own worthiness and the value of the services and products that we create. She covers both the strategy and the mindset needed to make more money in your business.

Meet Belinda Rosenblum:

CPA and Profit Strategist of OWN YOUR MONEY - She helps busy female coaches and experts sustainably scale their revenue AND profits by upleveling their financial systems + strategies and stepping into the CEO role. She believes it’s time female entrepreneurs feel worthy and safe with money, finally enjoy the freedom they started their business for in the first place, AND consistently take home the money they want each month. (It is possible!)

“You won't sell to nearly the potential that you can until you have sold yourself first on your ability to make money, on your deserving of the money that you're bringing in.”
- Belinda Rosenblum

04:58 - Belinda's Story
13:48 - The importance of mindset around money
15:52 - Understand the value of the transformation you created
20:01 - Where to start as a struggling business owner
24:51 - Paying yourself first
31:27 - Undercharging and why
36:14 - Golden nuggets

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