The Money Mindset Podcast

#72 Investing Based On Your Values

July 18th, 2022

Do you want where you invest your money to align with your goals? Want to know exactly where your money is going, what it’s doing and who it’s supporting?

Listen in as Brian shares with us what value based investing is. What is ESG and how to find out if you're working with or investing in a company that aligns with your values. He also shares some great tips on what to do if you’re a business in the industry and want to become more value based focus.

Meet Brian…

Brian helps people understand not just what to do, but how and why they should do it. Part teacher and part financial therapist!

Brian has been in the Financial Services Business since 2003, working with a diverse group of clients representing a slice of the Washington DC marketplace. As a native of the Washington area, he grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, attending high school in Bethesda. He founded The Haney Company with his father in 2013, combining 2 generations of industry experience. With more than a decade of experience in Banking, Investments, Asset management and Insurance, Brian's expertise and keen insights provide organizations, businesses and individuals with unique and innovative strategies to meet their insurance needs and financial goals.

“Have a vision for your life and the type of person that you are. Center yourself. What are the values that are really important to you? Find resources and approach professionals that understand this and are willing to help you carry that forward. Be practical about it and take your time.”
- Brian Haney

03:19 - About Brian
06:08 - Business of Pride Award
08:50 - What is value-based investing?
11:21 - What is ESG?
13:04 - How does a company meet an ESG criteria?
14:37 - Where can you get advice on investing in the right company?
17:23 - Investing Strategy: all in for ESG or a combination?
20:20 - Can lower investments in an ESG be done on your own or through an adviser?
22:40 - How can a business in this industry become more value-based focused?
25:15 - What to keep in mind when learning about ESGs
28:05 - Checking if a business aligns with your values
30:36 - Brians values and 10-year plan
34:55 - Book recommendation: When by Dan Pink

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