How Colleen's Parents Set Her Up For Financial Success!

Episode 77 · August 22nd, 2022 · 30 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

Do you think taking a new career path will better yourself and will help you with your financial journey?

Listen in as Coleen shares her story about how her parents taught her about money, what she's teaching her children about money, her financial journey on paying off her husband's student loan debt and about having no debt except for her house and switching careers because of COVID.

Meet Colleen…

Colleen is a wife, mom of 3 kiddos, animal lover and loves the lake. After over 20 years in the medical field, she decided to follow her heart by quitting her x-ray job and becoming a REALTOR(R), something she had been wanting to do for many years. She has always enjoyed taking care of others and now she gets to do so by being a trusted advisor and helping them to have all the tools needed to make their real estate dreams come true. She truly loves to assist in the buying and selling of homes. Colleen has also spent many years learning how to do well with budgeting and is currently working to become a financial coach, as well. She believes it is very important to make wise decisions with (most likely) the biggest purchase of a person's lifetime, including tough financial conversations and choices. She strives to help people to get into the home they love and will continue to love because they can afford it and won't become house poor. A continued conversation is encouraged and as she becomes a coach as well, she'll be able to help in many ways for time to come.

“Go with your gut and know that you're doing the right thing. Like just really think hard about that budget and know that there's an end goal and it's going to be hard no matter what, but really just being open to what is available to you and just making the most of what you have.”
- Colleen Fueling

03:40 - Meet Colleen
05:14 - How do you get your husband on board with paying off debt?
06:38 - How did your parents influence your mindset about debt?
08:00 - How do you pay off your husband's student loans fast?
09:12 - Does having a plan in place be so mentally freeing?
10:52 - How do priorities change when you switch careers?
14:33 - What are your thoughts and feelings with the real estate market?
15:05 - What are your feelings on credit scores for somebody wanting to rent or buy a house right now?
18:28 - About zero credit score
20:23 - Do real estate agents or realtors help people find rentals?
21:24 - What are your current financial goals and how are you staying focused on them?
22:40 - When do you want to have your house paid off?
24:01 - What is the best piece of financial advice you have received?
24:42 - What are some things that you are doing to teach your children about finances?
25:40 - Words of wisdom about paying off debt or managing your finances

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