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#89 BSS Selling items to avoid going further into debt

September 29th, 2022

Having some extra cash is always a good thing since we are always in need of money to pay bills, pay for services, purchase items, and treat ourselves and our loved ones.

Occasionally, we get unexpected and random expenses, leaving us in a situation where we need to raise some extra funds.

Listen in and learn strategies and creative ways on how to make some extra money like selling things around the house that you don't need, cutting back on eating out, and doing money challenges to help you avoid going further into debt so you can save money for the things that really matter.

Hosting Today:
I'm Ashley Patrick, ex detective turned debt-free CEO of my very own business and stay at home mom of three. Not too long ago, my dreams of staying at home with my kids seemed impossible. I thought I'd have to stay miserable in a high stress demanding job, just so I could retire someday.

After gaining the confidence in my own ability to manage my family's finances and a simple step-by-step plan to make it happen, I was able to pay off $45,000 in just 17 months, which then allowed me to finally quit my job, stay at home with my kids, and build a debt-free business.

Now, my mission is to help moms like you conquer debt and free themselves from the mental load of handling their family's finances.

“Just like life there's seasons and there's seasons with your finances and it happens. It happens to everybody. And so don't beat yourself up about that. The best thing you can do now is just look forward instead of in the past and you know, feeling bad about it, cuz you're here and you're making the steps that, you know, you need to take to move forward.”
- Ashley Patrick

00:00 - Introduction for today's episode
03:07 - Meet April
03:36 - April's biggest struggle with her finances
14:20 - The impact method
17:30 - Selling items to make more money
23:15 - Ways to help keep you on track moving forward
25:48 - About having bigger goals to keep you motivated
32:36 - April's 24 hour goal

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