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#91 Learning to Say No so You Can Raise Resilient Children

October 6th, 2022

The goal of every parent is to raise a resilient child as well as to provide them with a comfortable life. Because of this, it can be hard sometimes to say no to our kids, but with a little knowledge and help, it shouldn't be impossible.

Listen in as Tara discusses when to say no to our children, the effects of money stress on parenting, and the role of parent guilt in our decisions. She will also discuss her signature framework, the Language of Kindness, to help parents raise resilient children.

Meet Tara!
Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT is the founder of Raising Resilient Children. A social emotional expert, experienced educator & former preschool owner, she supports parents with what they need to become the parent they want to be.

Through her exclusive support and group program options Tara will teach you her signature framework, the Language of Kindness and Parent Clues for Problem Solving. This system makes parenting easier while fostering connection and building essential life skills for resiliency.

“So we are giving a lot of young children decisions that their little brains really can't handle. And how it's playing out for us is we are feeling guilty about not being able to buy stuff. We're feeling guilty about not giving enough options for shirts, not giving enough color choices for water bottles. Like I see it in all kinds of spheres. And we feel bad because we're saying no. Instead of saying, Hey, I wanna foster a sort of an understanding here that we can't have everything, that choices are limited, not limitless.”
- Tara Gratto

00:00 - Introduction for today's episode
03:52 - Meet Tara
06:03 - How are money stress and parenting related?
06:50 - Fight, Flight, and Freeze mode
08:40 - About stress response
12:06 - About taking a break when you're in freeze mode
13:15 - The mom guilt
14:37 - About dealing with the mom guilt
17:15 - The language of kindness and how it helps with parent guilt
18:00 - About giving children developmentally appropriate choices
26:39 - Unintentional reinforcement
27:51 - How to join Tara's Bootcamp

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