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#119 Things to Know & Do When Caring for a Parent or Grandparent

January 26th, 2023

Caring for an aging parent or grandparent can be challenging, particularly if you are unprepared.

When you find yourself in this situation, there is a lot to know and do, especially when it comes to legal and financial matters. However, with a lot of planning and preparation, you can work through these difficulties while remaining sane.

Listen in as Jen and Ashley offer tips and advice on how to deal with this stressful situation without sacrificing your mental health.

Meet Jen!
Jen Narciso is the founder of Investor Mama and host of the Investor Mama Podcast. She believes anyone can get out of debt and achieve financial independence by getting educated, changing his or her habits, and changing their money beliefs. Her goal is to help as many moms and families as she can with their money journey so they can set an example for the next generation.

Jen has two beautiful young children and one beautiful angel baby. In her “spare” time, she loves to travel, is an adamant reader on anything money related, and most importantly, likes to create memorable moments with her family and friends.

“The sooner you could have these conversations the better. And also on the same token, if you don't have this stuff in place, definitely do it for your family as well. Because as hard as it is for you to have these conversations, you don't wanna be a burden onto your kids. And the more things you can prepay in advance for yourself also the better.”
- Jen Narciso

00:00 - Introduction to today's episode
01:47 - Meet Jen
08:08 - Conducting research and learning about the disease
10:02 - Get your own support group
11:30 - Estate Planning
12:39 - Healthcare directive
13:29 - Having a will in place
14:09 - Power of attorney
14:30 - Prepare your parents' medical records
15:23 - Know where their money is
16:54 - Consult a local attorney
18:00 - Consult an estate attorney to help you move assets
26:56 - Be kind to yourself and know your limits and boundaries
29:11 - Consider looking for facilities that can provide them with the assistance they need
33:33 - How Jen took care of herself
37:59 - Last words of wisdom

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