The Money Mindset Podcast

#122 Do ONE thing at a time!

February 6th, 2023

Do you feel like you aren't making any progress with your money plan even though you've been trying for a while?

If you are feeling like your money plan isn't working the way that you hoped it would, it may be because you are doing too much at once.

Listen in as Ashley discusses how to create a realistic money plan that will keep you from feeling stuck and getting overwhelmed.

Hosting Today:
I'm Ashley Patrick, ex detective turned debt-free CEO of my very own business and stay at home mom of three. Not too long ago, my dreams of staying at home with my kids seemed impossible. I thought I'd have to stay miserable in a high stress demanding job, just so I could retire someday.

After gaining the confidence in my own ability to manage my family's finances and a simple step-by-step plan to make it happen, I was able to pay off $45,000 in just 17 months, which then allowed me to finally quit my job, stay at home with my kids, and build a debt-free business.

Now, my mission is to help moms like you conquer debt and free themselves from the mental load of handling their family's finances.

“So it's more important for the long-term success that you start small and just make it simple as possible so that you can follow through with it. If you make it complicated and a whole bunch of steps at once, you're not gonna make as fast a progress, if any progress because you're just too overwhelmed and trying to do too many new things at once. You wanna start with one small thing at a time.”
- Ashley Patrick

00:26 - How to register for the Free workshop on 'How to pay off $500 in Debt in just 30 days'
00:58 - The topic of today's episode
01:47 - Do one thing at a time
02:34 - Plan for what was left after bills
03:51 - Creating a money plan
04:13 - Meal plan
05:37 - Cash envelopes
07:07 - Start small

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