How Nadia is Dealing With Her Kids While Working At Home

Episode 29 · April 9th, 2020 · 45 mins 3 secs

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Nadia and I discuss how things have changed for her family while dealing with this crisis both financially and mentally.

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Welcome to the money mindset podcast where you will find the inspiration and motivation you need to manage your money better so you can stress less and live the life you want. Today I am speaking with Nadia from speaking of sense and we are going to discuss how she's handling things in the midst of this crisis, both mentally and
financially, things that she's doing different, how she's coping. And you know what, we're just going to laugh at some things because you know who knows how to deal with this craziness going on right now. So she does have some good and helpful tips for managing working at home with your kids and you know, just giving yourself some grace because this is just uncharted territory right now and we need to um, you know, give ourselves some Slack because who the heck knows how to navigate this crazy time. Now, before we jump in, I do want to mention that right now I am doing a free five day cutting expenses challenge in this is to help people that are, have already experienced a loss of income or could possibly experience loss of income. Um, it is this week and it comes with a free workbook and free Facebook group where I'm going live every night inside of the group.
Uh, you can still join us, go to budget's made And I will of course link to it in the show notes as well. But let's go ahead and talk to Nadia. Hi Nadia. Thank you so much for being with us today. Hi Ashley. Thank you so much for having me and I am so excited to talk with you today. I know that you have paid off a lot of debt and you have been debt free for many years now. And we're going to kind of talk about, um, how you're handling things during this, uh, coronavirus crisis with financially and maybe you know, mentally how you're handling, uh, three kids at home and trying to work from home and juggle all the things. Uh, but before we jump into that, can you just kind of give us a little bit of background about yourself and tell us about you and your family?
Uh, my name is Nadia Malick and I am a personal finance I am a mom of three and, um, I have a 12 year old, 10 year old and a five year old. So I have, um, my house full with cage and uh, you know, a lot of things that are happening right now are very, very unexpected with all the things. But, uh, we are managing well. I have been, um, debt-free for many years now and um, my husband and I have been, um, mortgage debt free for, uh, I would say 10 years now. Uh, and uh, that was the first house that we paid off our debt and um, as contagious added as it is. Um, we have stayed that tree for many years now and we are hoping to keep it that way.
That's awesome. And so what can you tell us, um, just a little bit about how you're handling things right now with the kids at home and trying to work at home and just financially since you are already debt free, like, um, are you doing anything differently in the midst of this crisis?
Okay. Um, I would say some of the things, um, we are doing differently, but most of the things we are just, uh, trying to keep up with that because uh, since we have been debt free for many, many years and, uh, living frugally and living on a minimalist budget has been pretty much a lifestyle for us. Uh, so, um, the, the thought process that goes in, um, being a minimalist person, it has not started just like in last couple of weeks. It has been with me for many, many years now. And, uh, the fact that we have been living on a single income since my kids were born, I used to work before they, before I did not have them, but since they, uh, are born since my first one was born, I stayed home. I was that patient who took the responsibility of being at home. And since then we have been on a single income and um, I am so, uh, like I would say that it, it, it can be an inspiration, inspiration for so many people who think that being debt free is not possible when you are on a single income.
We actually became debt free on the single income. So I believe Mmm. That the, the, the mindset that we had is just continuing with this new new phase that we are in. It's just the, they're small things that were not in my routine or you would say that we're not a part of my life since I have been working from home. They are, they, they have now added into my routine or you would say in my life and by the looks of it, by the way, things are going, uh, it's looks like that this is going to be the new normal. So I think, um, the mental transition that I have is, has been bigger than the financial transition that most of the people are having right now. So, uh, it's, it's, it's been, it's been challenging at some ways, but on the financial side I [inaudible] I'm doing good.
Good. So what were some of the things that you have been doing for the past several years that really, um, made this time less stressful financially for you? Besides paying off debt? What are some other things? Um, that kind of helped with that?
The first and the foremost thing that we all need to remember and that I have been doing for many, many years now. And um, it, it comes as second nature to me that I need to keep things organized. They need to have a structure if they're out of structure. It just boggles my mind, gets the kids overwhelmed now that my husband is home, he also feels a little bit frustrated when things are not invested. And that definitely happened because all this, uh, staying at home with the kids started, uh, with the, uh, March break. Uh, so there was the first week that they were home, we were in the, in that mindset that, okay, these are the holidays. So everybody was getting up late and everybody was eating whatever they want and watching TV and stuff. And then when the week, yes. And then when we got the news that this is going to be like, this is, this is going to continue.
Everybody would like, like it was like, okay, now we got to get ourselves together, get in a routine and you know, get things organized. It took me like good two days to [inaudible] like get everything back in routine. But as soon as I hit, we hit the routine. Everything started becoming normal. Uh, I, I was, I was having less meltdowns in the house because I have a five year old and she can be pretty tricky at times. So she was not very happy with the [inaudible] with the getting back to routine because in her mindset it was like, okay, I am home. I'm not going to school, so why do I have to follow the routine and I watch TV and why can't I have my snacks while I, I, I, you know, I'm watching TV or doing something over the phone. So, um, and waking up, waking up for the problem because everybody was like, like not getting ready to do, attend their online classes and the teachers meetings and stuff.
But okay. It's, it's, it's pretty good. So, so I think being organized is the most important. I think that, that we need as a family. If I get off of that organized a bandwagon, everything just starts falling apart too. I'll, I'll just give you a small example. Uh, since this situation started, this, um, quarantine and this like, uh, the re resources started becoming scarce. Uh, we decided as a family that because we don't have a close family, um, that, that we can get help from. So me and my husband decided that we're just going to do a certain amount of groceries and just stay in on delight. The things settled down with every week that it's, it's coming at the situation is just becoming, uh, more and more, um, worse in our mindset. We did the groceries for just two weeks, so we were like, okay, let's just do it for two weeks and then we'll see how it's going to go.
And the way I was doing groceries or the way I'm using the groceries is that, um, this is just one tip that I have used for many, many years now and it is really becoming healthier right now. So I just started using the fresh produce first because otherwise it would just go rotten or wasted and stuff. And then I started going on the frozen stuff that I had like, like whatever's the freezer and then the canned stuff and the beans and those kinds of stuffs that can, that can stay [inaudible] that can last the longest are going to be the last one. I haven't gotten to that point. So, uh, that's, that's how the organization, um, mindset helps me. And I think that's the most important part that we all need to um, adapt or we all need to think about rather than getting overwhelmed and frustrated and flustered with all the things that are going on right now.
Absolutely. And I think that's so important for many different aspects of your life, including budgeting. Like when you're organized, you feel more in control. And same with your finances. When you're, when your plan is laid out and your budget is laid out and organized and you have all your stuff together, you feel more in control of your money. And especially, yeah, and especially right now when we feel so out of control, cause there's not much, you know, we can really do about everything that's going on in the world, but if you can control what's going on in your life, then [inaudible] lessen your stress and everything like that. So I think that's great advice for, um, what's going on right now. Um, and so is there anything that you're doing different financially right now with, um, you know, with your budget or trying to spend less, or maybe you're spending more to stock up or, um, so is there anything that you have changed financially or is everything kind of stayed the same?
Uh, yeah. Okay. Because I already talked about, I have been trying to keep my things organized and that's how my budget is going to. Uh, I have definitely changed up some things and like replace some things with the other, the, the very, um, good example that everybody can apply in their lives is that I have um, replaced like, because my kids were going to school now they're not going to school, so we don't need like snacks that much, you know. Um, so, um, it's, it's a struggle because they want the snacks all the time.
Oh yes. Oh my gosh. They're eating me out of house and home. So tell me, how do you do it? How are you keeping them from meeting all this next?
I didn't bring any, I didn't buy any. Like when I went for the groceries last time and I told them that this is not going to work. I cannot give you snacks all the time. We are not at school. That's just a school thing. So we're staying home. So I just, I just told them that if, uh, because my thing is if they're eating healthy right now, they have a better chance to develop the immunity and not attacked by the whatever disease they have. Like, I'm not talking about the big, um, sickness right now. I'm just talking about the basic, like, like, like the health condition. Like nobody gets in a regular flu or nobody has a diarrhea, like the regular thing. So just avoid that thing because I don't want to go to any medical facility or like any doctor's office right now because, um, so, so the only thing that I'm doing now is like, I have replaced all the snacks and I've told them like, I have told them last week that we are not getting any more snacks. I'm not getting junk in the house or you're just going to be eating healthy food. So, uh, the, the funny thing that happens is that like when they come up for a snack and I tell them that you can go and have a fruit or something, they're like, nah, no, we don't want any.
and also it has also like, uh, made my life a little bit easier because, uh, just because they don't have snacks, they are hungry. They are like properly hungry when it's like regular food time. So everybody like eats properly. And, um, nothing gets like wasted and stuff because that was also my big thing that I am not gonna waste any law, not even a single bite. And I told them and they know it. Um, even before all this started, they know that mama would not, uh, she does not like wasting food. So if the aid, I cover it and I offer them the next time, unless they are finished with that meal, they don't get the fresh meal. So, so that's the thing. So snacks have been replaced from junk to fruit. They are not eating that much, but that's fine. They are not doing any like hi, uh, physical activities.
So I'm fine. Um, they're eating properly at the, at the three meals Milstein and that's absolutely fine with me. And that's the food thing. And other thing that I changed financially on the finance side is that, um, we have a pool. Uh, and of course we have a front yard. We don't, we do not have grass or plants like at the back of the house, but we have a pool. So because my husband is staying home, he's working from home. Um, we canceled all those services [inaudible] uh, and we are doing everything on our own because everybody's home. Right. My kids love helping him and he has time so he can take care of it. So, um, that's where, uh, a huge [inaudible] costs in our budget is also cut off so everybody has something to do and the things are getting done without me like paying outside. So that also helps. Oh, that's great. Yeah. So have you found that the kids are
adjusting well? Like, well, have they gotten into the pool yet? Is it warm enough there? Yes. Yes.
And the days when they are at pool that those days are awesome for me because I get like solid three, four hours of work.
Yes. And then they're exhausted. Yes. Then they eat and then they go to bed. So I usually like we have, um,
yeah, here we are in Dallas, so the weather goes up and down really drastically. But when it's a good day, it's a very good day. So if it's like above 75 or something and it's a sunny day, uh, I get in the pools by the noontime, they go in the pool by the noontime and um, they usually have a late breakfast. So the lunch is skipped because they are in the pool and they stay in the pool like under like five or like, like four 35. And then you know, that by the time they get showered and get done and cleaned up and everything, it's like around, it's like around like early dinner time they have dinner and they're like,
yeah, yeah, that's awesome. I need a pool.
I thought that it was just a lot of work because we have been maintaining it. Um, but um, now I'm like, Oh, that, that is good.
Yeah, of course.
Quiet, warm enough here. Like we had I think two days in the last week that were like 80, but then it got really cold again. And so like today it's really cool, but that's awesome that they're able to [inaudible] to do that. I'm sure that helps you a lot. Oh my God.
Oh God. Oh, I'm just, I just have planned or like, uh, everything on those days. Like I first thing in the morning I wake up and I check the forecast. I'm like, okay, that day's is 80 degrees. So I have to put all my things on that.
Yeah, exactly. I don't,
it's been such a struggle, uh, trying to work from home and do all this schoolwork and chase a toddler around and I just don't understand why everybody thinks we have so much more time now because I have less time now.
Like when you mean more time
the, the, the, the work from home moms, is that like in any work, I am not underestimating anybody's work, but the thing is that the work that we do, we need like few continuous hours, like at least four to five continuous hours to sit down at work. It's not like, like I'm sitting and then I'm going out and then like you,
I just lose my train of thought. I don't know what I was doing. I was like, wait, what was I? And then it takes me the old time to figure out what I was dealing with. That's over again. I know that's when it happened and then I'm tired.
Like I'm physically exhausted, I'm not talking, I'm like physically exhausted by the end of the day. And I'm like, Oh my God, what am I doing? Really like getting like done with their homework and Fridays like ah,
yeah. So yeah, that's,
I mean that's how it is. It's, it's a transition, but it's, I think it's going to take, at least for me a little bit more time to get adjusted to.
Yeah, I agree. And we're finally settling into a routine and you know, I'm just having to try and get my husband to, um, you know, deal with all of them for, like you said, a continuous period of time so I can get some work done and try and focus, but I really don't know how people that are like, I know a lot of people that are still having to go to work, like on their normal schedule, they're essential. So I don't know how they're doing it. And then trying to do the schoolwork, like they're trying to do the schoolwork in the evening. And a lot of them, their teachers have like, they have to turn it in each night by a certain time. Like at least our teachers. Um, we, like one of my kids, they haven't turned in any schoolwork, but they've had to, um,
uh, meet with the teacher and then they work on some stuff. And so Monday I'm turning in the two weeks for her. And then the other one that my kindergartner, I've had to like take pictures of the worksheets and then upload them and just by Friday, so I don't like, I don't really don't know how these parents that are still having to go to work, you know, their normal 40 hours or more [inaudible] get all the work done every single day by a certain time. Like I just don't see how, how they are managing
clue. I got to talk to somebody who's doing that because in my, like, uh, the people that I know, everybody's home and everybody is in the same boat like I am, some people are even struggling more. Um, but uh, because there are so many people who were not used to working from home. So just staying home and working from home and trying to like adjust to the new situation is, is it's very new for them. Like my husband used to work from home. He travels extensively, but uh, he either he traveled to or either he worked from home so he had all the things set up and he's not overwhelmed by it any means like he's like, like the, like the coolest. Mm Hmm. Calm and collected person. Right now it's me who does not know what to do.
No. Well that's good that he's, you know, managing it well cause you, I mean you are right. Like if you're not used to working at home, that is an adjustment. Plus trying to do it with your kids running around and trying to like actually be productive on what you're supposed to do. Do you have any tips for that for somebody? Like, what are some of the things do you think have helped your husband kind of work from home or you know yourself even though you said you're struggling with it, that kind of makes it easier to transition from working at home, uh, or working, you know, regular office job or whatever to try and [inaudible] make it work at home.
Yeah, the, I think the only thing that I, um, have figured out in like last two weeks, uh, because the, the, the spring break was just a spring break. Like when it was holidays. It's like, yeah, no, it was like chaos. Like everybody just wants whatever they want and you know, no, there were no rules whatsoever because whenever, like there's that kind of break, I just take a break from my work and we just don't, like, I [inaudible] barely do anything because that's like my off time too. So I just did with my kids. So, yeah,
after we,
the, the heart, all the news and the, and the new situation and everything. [inaudible] it took me like three, four days to like really my schedule, like getting together and stuff because it was really messed up. Um, so the thing that has really, really helped me is that if I wake up earlier than even an hour, it's, uh, like it really helps. I like the, I would not say that I get done with everything, like my work, but the thing is that like I sit on my computer and I, um, go to everything, like a check my emails. I, I actually get to plan my day. So once I've planned my day, I don't get that much, like overwhelmed during the day because I know what I need to do. And then I like whatever pockets of time that I have in the day. I just get those things like done by it batch, you know, by doing this, doing that.
But I need to have at least an hour in the morning just to like look at what I need to do in the whole day. So, even if it's not done by the end of the day, I know what did not, did not get done and that gets, gets pushed to the next day. But getting up earlier, because I cannot stay up late, I'm so tired the day that I like I have tried. It's not that I haven't tried. I've tried, like I've made up my plan planner when they go to bed, I'm going to work and stuff, but it did not have some. So I just changed everything and I just wake up early in the morning and then, um, just an hour earlier, I, I'm not saying that I'm waking up like five o'clock in the morning. No, I'm not. Just because they wake up around nine o'clock or sometimes like nine 30. So I try to, okay, be an hour ahead of them because my husband is up anyways. He's, he's art. He's, because he's working from home, so he's logged in at eight o'clock. So if we both wake up at that time, um, he has no problem by the way. He has no for like the kids are yelling and everything is going on and he has that mindset where he can just like uh, shut his mind with whatever Alice is doing in the house and people working.
I kept asking him like, how do you do that? And he has this super power that he can just take naps. Like when we all are like yelling,
Oh that's a man before you God, he would nap. He would work. He does not money anything. I'm dying. So that is such your man. Yeah, he did. He would not say anything to anybody, would just like eat and you know,
do his work and stay calm and like it.
I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, that is a super power for sure. Yup.
Oh my goodness. So do you have any tips for getting organized with your budget or your finances so that you know with all the stress right now, I think you are absolutely right with getting organized really helps lower your stress and keeps you focused. So, you know, right now it's more important than ever too. Kind of get organized and make a plan for your money. Even if you have a loss of income, you still need to make a plan for it
and it'll help you see the picture clear. So do you have any tips for getting organized that way? I know that there are some places that I would not cut corners, especially food and stuff because I would rather have healthier food then having my kids in some kind of like sickness or a hospital with it and all those things. So, um, I will not cut corners of on food right now, but I have like cut every other thing that I could because um, I already told you that the pool services or anything that was done from any outside services has been cut. Uh, we never had cable and my husband was thinking that, okay, we should, um, [inaudible] I have a service like Hulu or some kind of and stuff. So I told him that there is no need for it. Like when kids are going to school, the schedules are so tight that they did not actually have time after the school day that they would watch TV and the rest of the days, the weekend and stuff.
Uh, my kids are in professional golf, so they go golfing and you know, the golfing, it's like a whole day activity and there's not much time left. And then we have the pool. And then I told my husband that I would not recommend subscribing to anything because, uh, the, the best part is that they have all the resources with the school. Um, the, the, the resources that the schools have provided us, they are awesome. Like, um, uh, I don't know about the other districts, but the district that we are in, they have provided them with the Chromebooks. The Chromebooks are at home. And, um, uh, my kids have all two of them have their own device right now, which is like our wealthy, wealthy, wealthy kid. Uh, they did not have that. So now they have that and they have all the resources that they need to entertain themselves while educating themselves.
So, um, I told my husband, let's just wait, let's see how the week goes and then we'll, we'll see. And now the thing is that they do do homework on their Chromebooks and when they're done with their homework, they can just watch those semi educational videos and it just, and in their minds they are like being entertained. So no need for that. I cut the subscriptions outside and um, so right now other than you would say like the basic bills like that you would say internet or like cell phones. My husband has a cell phone from work, so Mmm. And he just got it from work. So we did not need another cell phone. It's just one cell phone that I have. Oh. So just the food costs and you would say the mortgage and the basic ones right now. So everything else is being saved.
Um, and other things that I am working and I'm like, I'm keeping my distance away from [inaudible] because so many people are in the mindset that they now that the stocks are going down or the real estate marketing market is getting better or the mortgage rates are getting down, they're trying to, um, get their mindset, okay, let's just invest here. Let's just do that. I'm just like keeping myself away like, like, um, away from that temptation to get into something just because like everything is going down because, um, I feel like, uh, in every recession or every time something like this happens, um, it takes at least nine months to a year to actually know what the situation is. Like, you cannot predict on day by day. Like if you see the store, I don't know if you, if you keep track of the stock market, but like in a, as, as a general public, like you keep hearing, okay, stock market is down, this is down, that is down.
And people try to jump in at that time without having the experience. Just thinking that, okay, when this goes up, my things are gonna go up or my network is going to go up or if it's the right time of investing. So I'm just trying to stay away from that temptation to, um, because I have, um, people they close to me that have done it and have like lost money on that. And plus, the one thing that I'm doing is that I'm checking my mail very diligently, um, uh, because um, there have been instances and it has happened to me before, uh, that, um, some of the bills or like, because the situation is so overwhelming right now, there's so much going on in my life right now, or in my head you would say that, um, I feel like I can, uh, I tend to lose track of what nice.
What gets, what used to get that done on the regular braces. So the bills and stuff and everything. Um, I just check my mail regularly so I don't miss on anything because once I missed one letter from a medical facility, it was just like, um, $60 payment and I missed it. And it went into the collection and then it was such a nightmare to get it out of that and paying all the money and you know, so the best thing that somebody can do is just to be organized and just to keep track of whatever payments or whatever, um, news or whatever subscriptions, like, uh, if you can, um, less than the amount of payments that you need to do, it would keep you, I think organizing, that's what I'm doing. Like just to get my finances in a good shape or just do not, you know, um, forget anything or just to do not get any financial trouble you would say.
Yeah, I've had, I've had the same problem with medical bills because you know, before you used to get like one bill from a hospital or the doctor and it would include everything and now you get so many bills, it's insane. Get it. They're like,
okay, you're going to have this bill, you're going to, I'm like, isn't it messed up? Like just send me one.
Yes. And so, yeah, I do the same thing. And then if I forget to pay it, then they send another bill. And then I think that it's two separate bills or like, Oh my gosh. So yeah, I did the same thing here before. Um, or when this whole thing started, kinda like when we were on quarantine and stuff, I was like, well, I better through make sure I've paid all these things. Cause if somebody gets sick I'm going to have a bunch more pills. It is, it's like, it's so ridiculous. And then I have a problem with my kids. Uh, they've been sick like all winter and it's like every time they go they get a throat swab, see if they have strep throat, all this stuff. And so the bills are like the same amounts. And so I think we'll have already paid that, but it's not, it's like a separate pill. So I'm like so lost. I'm like, well, I guess the little, eventually they'll send another one if I missed.
Uh, I dunno, like, like that $60 had, God had gave me so much pain. I was like, Oh my God, God, I [inaudible] I don't know. And, and that's what I keep telling them. When I go to the medical facility, I tell them just like, like, I want to pay it right now so you don't send me a bill. So it's going to go to the insurance, they're gonna process it and we're going to send you only, I don't like that situation. I like whatever money you need, just take it from me so I can just get done with it. And I hate it. Like collecting and organizing all that paperwork.
I know. And then you have to save it. It's so ridiculous. And then our doctor's office, like we have to pay like so much that day, but then the bills always more than that. So then I pay that day, but then I still have to pay the bill when it comes and yeah, so annoying. It's like, would you just take like some money so you can quit sending me bills? Like don't you just want it? Like, Oh my God. Oh, the joys of being a parent. Oh yes.
Yeah. It's all right. It's all good. But you know, we've, we're gonna we have to complain about something like,
yeah, right. Yeah, I guess it's a, you know, first world problems here. Yeah, definitely. So do you have any like, um, number one pieces of advice or last words of wisdom for uh, just, you know, dealing with all the craziness right now? I really have enjoyed talking with you and just your kind of laid back approach but yet structured and organized with dealing with everything. It's like, Oh,
like everybody else, I'm trying like all these moms, I am like, all right now because these are like real time heroes. All of these moms who are working, who are like, who have been homeschooling, Oh my God, I need to give them an award or something. But definitely who are in this situation right now? I mean just like, I think the best thing that we can do, like it's not money related, but I think [inaudible] just like supporting each other. It's very, very important right now because mental health is going to be a big problem once we get out of this situation. And it's, yeah, like I see all these emails from the school counselors and stuff and you know, they're trying to help the kids and stuff and I keep thinking kids don't need help really need help me go to the counselors. If they go to counseling, we're going to be paying.
So if you guys can help us like do a zoom meeting at the end of the week and ask us like how did we do throughout the week because that's important. And we as moms or as a group of friends, we need to support each other and um, I know people can not meet right now. It's very hard being a, being these social creatures that we have, like women. I I D I never thought that it would BS so hard for me because I have been working from home for like two years now and it's never bothered me because my social life was very, very limited anyways because I had these, these, these morning hours to work and then rest of the day was dedicated to my family and kids and I never knew that it would bother me so much. I have just went out, um, just for like at least couple of days in the week, in the morning time just to do my chores and stuff.
And, and that was entertainment for me. I was very happy with it. And now that I cannot do that, like I am not a very party person, but I have a, a group of friends that are very, very close to me and when I don't, I, I cannot see them. It's like messing out my brain. So the thing that we can do in any way, if we can support each other, even if it's like a group call at the end of the day or like every second day, like checking off on each other, okay, how are you doing? How was your day? How did you do that? You know, all those things, just renting out. I think that's very, very important. I'm not saying that, uh, we don't, we're not gonna lose patients with our kids, but we have to give ourselves some grace. Okay. And, um, just to be ready for the next day, we need to like talk to somebody and if you have a partner, uh, who is gonna listen to you with all these things.
Oh, you are golden. Like you are like the luckiest person in the world. But I would not burden my partner like after the whole day with all these things. So I would like to talk to my girlfriends or my, that I have because they can relate to it. I mean, that's, that's the best thing. So supporting each other is very, very important. I know, um, that it's [inaudible] it's not going to be easy. It's, and the way that it's going, it's just, I think it's going to get even harder than this. I don't use the word worst because it just bothers my own mindset. It's going to be harder, but we also have to think that there's only like a month or for some people month and a half left for the school year. So
once that is done, we're going to be fine. We just gotta get, we just gotta get there. Yes.
This hour hits, we're going to be fine. At least we wouldn't have any schoolwork and stuff so everybody can relax. So until that time, keep your support system on a high priority. Um, and uh, if you think that you cannot handle it, just get out of that situation, take a break, then get back because Mmm. I find even in one day, I find myself in such a tricky situation, at least three, four times a day because [inaudible] I have these kids who are in different age groups and I feel like, like I am like a, like sometimes a lawyer or sometimes a judge at the time and I don't know what's happening. Everybody has their own version of the story, but you know, and sometimes I just need to take a break. I just need to right. Go in a separate place where they cannot see.
So I can like have a reset button and then come back and deal with the situation. And that's where, um, that's, that's [inaudible] what we all need, like a little bit of support or legible, don't venting out or little bit of a time for ourselves. So we can get back. So what is happening right now?
Absolutely agree. And I really love that you suggested even, um, video chatting later in the evening, I saw, um, uh, another blogger that was doing like a happy hour with her friends on zoom. So I was like, Oh, that's such a good idea. So definitely I've been trying and you know, it, you sound like you're probably an introvert like me because you know, I work from home and it doesn't really didn't bother me, but now that I can go anywhere, like I want to go somewhere, but I know our extrovert friends are really strong. Oh my God, they are, they are
so bad. But you know, I think, um, I mean that's w that's how it is. They, they, they need more counseling.
Yes, yes, yes. It definitely check on your extroverted friends and not just text them like you need to video chat them because that will just make their day talk to them. Like you need to hear what they are saying or like telling the whole story. So yeah, they're, they're struggling even more than us. And so I feel so bad for them. So, you know, I mean, even as an introvert, I'm struggling, so I can only imagine. Oh, well I appreciate you being with us today and I always ask, um, toward the end what their favorite nonfiction book is because you know, studies show that, um, everyday millionaires read on average one book a month. Now with all this going on, I'm definitely not reading one book a month, but you know, I try. So do you have any, um, do you have a favorite nonfiction book that you would recommend?
Yes, I, um, well not lie, I can, I can't seem to finish it, but I started this, uh, remits 82nd book, um, that, uh, uh, the title is, I will teach you to be rich, uh, because I write about personal finance and budgeting and stuff. So it's right. I really liked reading these kind of books, especially if you, uh, read the introduction. It's very, very, uh, it right? Like really hooks you, uh, because it says, would you rather be sexy or rich? So, um, I like being a woman. Like when I did that, it really wants me to read the rest of it and it's really, really good. Um, and um, other than that, because I, um, I don't know, uh, I don't know about the other people because I have been blogging for like two years now and I am a, you can see I'm a Pinterest nerd.
I like, I like reading about Pinterest, like what's happening with the pin Pinterest, what are the new things like, like they just started this, these video story of pins and the podcast just came out like yesterday and I've been like, Oh, I need time to like hear the podcast. I need to learn what they're doing. I have that, that like Pinterest brain damage problem the most time in my life. It's, it's dedicated to Pinterest. Um, I, I sometimes, sometimes I just think like, and I really like, I have a course on that. Uh, actually I have an online course on that and for that too, like I need to be updated with what Pinterest is doing, what is happening and you know, all those things. So it serves me two purposes. For one thing. I just love it. That's why I have a course on it. And then, uh, it also helps me to update that in real time, like what's happening right now. And, um, that's why like it's, I like doing it because it serves as my work and then it gives me something to learn and I love it. So it's a win win situation. So that's what I mostly read about. Like if you, if you ever got to my, the computer, you would see all the windows that the, that are open would be somehow related to Pinterest.
Well, that's awesome. Yeah. I noticed that you had a lot of ideas for working from home or making extra money and things like that on your website. So, um, do you have any resources that you can provide for my audience to kind of help them learn how to make some extra money?
Yeah, for sure. Uh, I have, uh, quite a few posts on my website and my website's name is www dot. Speaking of You can find tons of ideas. I write about everything that is related to money. And, uh, right now the hot topic that, uh, all the people are looking for right now is like making money from home. And, uh, I recently, um, did I also write about how you can manage the work from home life? So I recently did a post where I, uh, the post really came, like, really? It was really close to my heart because I needed that I and the posters about how you can keep kids quiet.
Well, I need that.
All those ideas I did not even have to like go and like research that all those ideas are from home. So those are the things that we really need right now. And then I also launched another website where I, uh, because um, I also, uh, like the things that I've learned during the blogging and during all this online business that I started, I did not want to mix it up with my money blog over here. So I started another website where I, uh, I have gathered all the blogging resources and the name of that website is I have a Facebook group that you can join and um, related to that top plugging courses and you can find me on Instagram. Speaking of sand, you can find me on Pinterest with the same name. Um, and um, if nothing else you can just send me an email speaking of just connect with me. I am a, I check my emails really, really regularly and if you have any questions, please connect with me. And if you have no questions, you just want to talk to me, just talk to me. I am going to reply
for sure. That's awesome. I don't doubt it. So I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today. And for those of you that don't know, she's, she actually came on twice because of my internet shut down. So, you know, I just appreciate you coming on and being so understanding and taking the time out of your day. Not once but twice.
It's all right. Ashley, thank you so much for having me. I'm just, I'm just so, uh, like honored that I, um, am working with the people who can relate to how this life is. And if we cannot understand each other then I don't think anybody would be perfectly fine. Thank you so much for having me. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you so much to Nadia for taking the time out of her day to speak with us and you know, just give us a dose of reality of how she is dealing with this crisis financially and you know, mainly mentally. Um, she gave me a lot of great ideas going forward on how to um, cope with the some things. Uh, but don't forget that we are doing the free five day cutting expenses challenge. Go to budget's made and find out how we are saving money in just five days, especially if you are experiencing a loss of income or you know, could potentially lose some income. As you know, a lot of us are dealing with right now. So go check that out. It'll also be in the show notes.