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#59 Walli's Journey to FIRE

April 18th, 2022

Can you imagine being able to retire at 40? 50? or at all? Walli shares her journey towards early retirement and how she will be able to retire at 40!

Walli was able to pay off her debt and focus on investing even while enjoying her life and traveling. She shares her tips for getting over mindlessly spending so she can focus on what is really important to her.

“Money is a tool. If we can think about money as a tool to design the life we want, you make the decision of what you want your life to look like. I invest and save a lot of money, but it doesn't override what I want my life to look like today, just to save for the future. Being able to find that balance of what I want today without forfeiting what I know I'm going to need in the future.” - Wallie Miller

Who's Walli Miller?

Walli is a financial coach and a self-proclaimed money nerd. She loves spreadsheets and has been known to watch PBS specials about retirement for fun! It’s exactly this passion for all things money, including spending it, that put her on the path to her true calling - helping high-achieving, young professionals become work-optional by taking control of their finances without sacrificing their lattes and brunches.

Walli didn’t start out as an expert, she is a first generation college graduate and daughter of an immigrant. She didn’t always understand money or building wealth. She didn’t grow up looking at stock charts with her dad or balancing the checkbook with her mom. They didn’t talk about money much in her family. It took a Forbes article to make her reevaluate what she was spending money on and the true cost of her purchases. After that, Walli began listening to podcasts, reading personal finance books and ingesting every bit of financial information she could find. And now she will be work-optional by age 40 and is committed to putting as many people as possible on that same path to financial freedom through balanced spending, saving and wealth building without deprivation.

02:45 - Walli's Story
07:33 - How Walli went from inspire to taking action
08:32 - What’s a no spend challenge? How can it help you?
10:57 - Why you should review where your money goes
12:21 - Willi’s FIRE journey while paying off debt and investing
16:46 - Walli’s current plan for early retirement
18:48 - The biggest misconception about the FIRE movement
22:40 - Tips on how you can get started with investing on your FIRE journey
24:35 - Can you invest while paying off debt?
27:08 - Last words of wisdom

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