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#61 How Alexis Paid Off $48,000 in 13 Months!

May 2nd, 2022

The stress caused from worrying about money constantly can have a negative impact on your life and your health. Getting started somewhere, taking action and working with your partner can significantly decrease the stress you feel around your finances.

Listen in as we learn about the key components Alexis used to pay off debt fast! We also go through additional tips you can use along your financial journey and achieving your goals.

Meet our guest:

Alexis Fetterman: A wife, mom of three, registered nurse, and money coach. After having enough of living in debt and in constant money stress, Alexis and her husband paid off $48,000 of debt so they could pursue their dream of building a house. Now she helps others go from constantly being stressed about money to living the life they dream.

You need to have a strong enough WHY so that you are committed and don't want to give up.
- Alexis Fetterman

02:38 - Alexis' Story
05:33 - The effects of stressing about money
07:30 - Working with your partner to pay off debt
08:42 - What made the biggest impact in paying off debt fast
08:52 - Having a WHY
09:04 - Budgeting
09:19 - Raising extra cash and putting as much towards debt
10:15 - How to gain clarity and control of your finances
11:00 - Flexible zero-based budget
11:57 - Other tips to pay down debt fast
14:53 - Tips on how to get started with budgeting
15:35 - Last words of wisdom

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