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#90 Protecting Yourself From Financial Infidelity

October 3rd, 2022

One of the biggest sources of conflict in most people's relationships is money and unsurprisingly, keeping financial secrets from your significant other is among the most common causes of divorce.

Whether you're having issues with your spouse, significant other, or you're going through a marital problem because of financial infidelity, one thing you should focus on first is to protect yourself financially.

Listen in as Tracy shares tips on how to look for red flags of a potential financial infidelity, how being informed of your finances protects yourself, and when and where to find a forensic accountant in case of a divorce.

Meet Tracy!

Tracy Coenen is a renowned forensic accountant and the brains behind The Divorce Money Guide, a product that takes people step-by-step through the process of gathering and analyzing their financial documents to determine where and how much money is missing. Widely known as a no-nonsense professional who delivers the “real deal” to her clients, Tracy has become one of the most sought-after forensic accountants working in the divorce space. As a woman in an industry once dominated by men, Tracy works tirelessly to help women going through difficult divorces who feel powerless in their financial situations.

Tracy is a forensic accountant at her firm, Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting,and is a CPA, CFF, and MAFF who testifies as an expert witness all over the country. She has received features on CNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and NBC, among others. However, more than her fancy titles and letters, she prides herself on helping women feel less alone through the isolating process of divorce, providing clarity and a plan for how they’re going to resolve the financial conflict and move forward.

“I wanna focus on being informed because that protects you. Whether your marriage is fantastic or not fantastic and heading towards divorce, being informed protects you.”
- Tracy Coenen

01:19 - Introduction for today's episode
02:40 - Tracy's introduction
03:57 - About being a forensic accountant
05:45 - What can women do to protect themselves before their money is taken?
08:07 - Red flags of a potential financial infidelity
09:48 - How to figure out hidden assets?
11:48 - Resources and services for forensic accounting
13:13 - Tips for people to protect themselves who are going through a divorce
15:09 - Take away from this episode
16:40 - About not being ashamed of your financial situation
17:43 - How long does a usual financial infidelity case take?
18:35 - When to hire a forensic accountant?
20:38 - Where to find a forensic accountant?
22:01 - What to ask a forensic accountant before hiring them?
23:30 - About the Divorce Money Guide red flag quiz

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