Take the DAMN Trip!

Episode 60 · April 25th, 2022 · 29 mins 27 secs

About this Episode

Take advantage of every moment you have to live your life to the fullest AND make the best financial decisions to achieve your goals.

This might sound too good to be true but I’m here with Bevin Ferrand to tell you that it’s not. You can 100% do what you want while paying off debt and Bevin’s DAMN Framework will show you how!

Wondering how to:

  • Choose your priorities and make the best decision you can with what you have
  • Dig deep and find your six dimensional why to your goals (financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually)
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself
  • Be present in the moments that matter without guilt
  • Take micro-action and build momentum

Then this episode is for you, so make sure to jot down these golden nuggets that are being shared!

So who’s Bevin?

In 2019, after unexpectedly losing her husband 5 days after they returned from a whirlwind trip to France, Bevin Farrand founded the Take the DAMN Chance movement. Her DAMN framework has inspired hundreds to connect with the people that they love, do the “crazy thing” that makes all the difference and, when given a choice, to take the damn chance. Additionally, she is a business strategist and coach who supports small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing and executing strategies to take their revenue to 6- and 7-figures.

“We have to decide what is the most important thing to us right now. We have to choose our top priority, because if everything is a priority, nothing is.” - Bevin Farrand

03:05 - Bevin's Story
08:25 - The DAMN Framework and what is it?
08:54 - Deeper dive into the DAMN Framework
10:51 - D: Decide and Declare
13:47 - A: Attend Your Own Party
16:54 - M: Moments Not Minutes
19:24 - N: Now Is The Time
20:22 - Micro-actions and Momentum
23:12 - Important money question to ask yourself
23:39 - Last words of wisdom

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Resources and Links Mentioned:
FREE Budget Starter Kit - http://www.budgetsmadeeasy.com/start
Book Recommendation: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks - (affiliate links) https://amzn.to/3tAY2Lj
Book Recommendation: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz - (affiliate link) https://amzn.to/3xQNI4j
The 10 Essential Questions For Finding Your Six-Dimensional Why™ - www.sixdimensionalwhy.com

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Website: www.bevinfarrand.com
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